help child adhd sleep
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How I Helped My Child with ADHD to Sleep

help child adhd sleep
Sweet dreams, little one!

How to Help a Child with ADHD to Sleep and Enjoy Bedtime!

Our daughter, Fanny, who has ADHD and severe intellectual disability, came to us with terrible problems getting to sleep. I remember when she first stayed with us in Conakry, I would have to lie down with her and pretend to be asleep myself. Often I would fall asleep long before she did.

help child adhd sleep
Fanny at bedtime

She would get out of bed and wander around the room. We had to keep all of the closets and drawers locked, because she would get into everything. I tried giving her a toy to play with, but her attention span never lasted more than a minute, if that.

The worst problem, at that time, was that she would squat in the corner of the room and relieve herself. So, then, I would have to get up and clean that mess. Toilet training has pretty much brought an end to that problem! Thank goodness!

Even after we finally got home to the U.S., Fanny would not want to lie down and go to sleep. We would be exhausted from chasing after her all day, but she would still be raring to go! I would put her to bed, and she would follow me out of her room.

This continued for well over a year. Bedtime was stressful for all of us! We tried all kinds of things, including a regular routine, melatonin, a light that projects colors onto the ceiling, music. Nothing worked for very long.

Then Santa brought a gift that changed everything!

LeapFrog Scout's Goodnight FlashlightLeapFrog Scout’s Goodnight Flashlight

Ever since Fanny got this toy, she goes to bed without any argument. Sometimes she even comes to me and ASKS to go to bed! It has been totally amazing!

Here’s a video so you can see this soothing bedtime toy in action:

We use this flashlight in conjunction with a regular bedtime routine. She also gets 3 mg. of melatonin after supper. We find it is also helpful to give Fanny lots of stimulation and physical activity during the day so that she is tired by nighttime.

LeapFrog Scout’s Goodnight Flashlight is a fabulous investment, with a price tag under $20. If you have a child with adhd, or any special need really, who is having trouble getting to sleep, I highly recommend you try this toy!

LeapFrog Scout's Goodnight FlashlightLeapFrog Scout’s Goodnight Flashlight

Fanny gives the LeapFrog Flashlight FIVE STARS!!!

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