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Frugal Homestead Living — How We Make Ends Meet

Our frugal homestead living saves us lots of money! Even though we do not have a very high income, we are able to save enough money to travel overseas by keeping our living expenses low. We are always looking for ways to curb our spending and use our money more efficiently.

You can see in this photo, a few of the things we have put in place so far at our urban homestead.

frugal homestead living
My husband installing a clothes line on our back porch.

That’s my husband hanging a clothesline on our back porch in the summer of 2015. We have an electric clothes dryer, but we never use it. Instead, we always hang our clothes. This saves us a bundle on our power bill!

We grow a vegetable garden every summer. We experimented with a fall garden this year, but did not harvest very much. We will use what we learned to make a few changes next year.

My husband installed three rain barrels shortly after he bought the house, before we were married. We use them for watering the garden. This saves us from using city water on our vegetables.

Last year we bought a small flock of chickens: A rooster and two hens. This past spring they produced one baby chick, which grew up to be a hen.  We usually get a couple of eggs each day. We plan to hatch more chicks next spring, and will probably put some of the birds in the freezer when they are big enough to harvest.

We are thinking about growing some mushrooms in the basement. That would save us about $5 a week, which is approximately what we spend on mushrooms now. That comes to about $260 annually. It all adds up!

We try to keep finding ways we can do things ourselves and save what money we can. We are always looking for new ideas to enhance our frugal homestead living.

What are some of the ways your family saves money?


frugal homesteady family
My husband in the garden.

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