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The Best Waterproof Mattress to Save Your Sanity!

The Best Waterproof Mattress to Save Your Sanity!

This morning I want to share with you something we have done that has made life SO much simpler for us: We bought the BEST waterproof mattress for Fanny’s bed! This one investment has saved us so much time and laundry! We are so glad we did this, and I wanted to share with you about it so you do it too!

INVACARE 80INVACARE 80″ x 36″ x 6″ Innerspring Mattress

It’s a few days before Christmas, and life is something of a mad rush; but, I was thinking about you this morning. It was another morning where we woke up to a wet bed. Nothing unusual about that! It happens a few times a week.

How this single waterproof mattress helps me out!

We were headed to an early morning speech therapy appointment, but the wet bed did not slow us down at all. I quickly pulled off all the wet linens and put them next to the basement door for my husband to wash (Did I mention I have the greatest husband on the block, who does all the laundry for our family?! I love him SO much!)

best waterproof mattress
best waterproof mattress

No more worrying about a soaked mattress! We bought this single waterproof mattress in September, and it has been the BEST time saver and stress reliever! No more worrying about mattress stains!

And, all it took was a moment to order from Amazon, and UPS delivered it to my kitchen door a few days later! It was so easy!

Fanny loves her new mattress! She is always happy to go to bed, and she sleeps well so she much be comfortable. I have laid on it, and I think it is comfy. It is certainly fine for a kid’s mattress. We plan on getting one for our son when he arrives, and we will replace Abby’s mattress with this waterproof one when her current one wears out.

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