adoption from africa

Our Adoption from Africa: The Next Big Project

Our Upcoming Adoption From Africa

I haven’t posted for a while, but I have had the best excuse! I have been working on our family’s next big project, which is adoption from Africa. Yes, we are adopting a child from Guinea!

adoption from africa
Our beloved grandson

I may have mentioned in the past that my husband is from Guinea. He has been here for almost 20 years; but, sadly, had to leave his family behind when he immigrated. We were fortunate enough to bring his teenaged daughter here last year.  She is 19 years old, and is severely developmentally disabled. She and our little grandson, her nephew, had been living with an elderly relative who was no longer able to care for them due to her own health concerns. The children have been moving from one relative to another for the past several years. We have been working on getting them home with us the entire time we have been married. Thanks to our U.S. immigration laws, that is totally not easy to do!

While we were overjoyed to bring our daughter home last year, our hearts were broken that we could not also bring our grandson who was living with her in Guinea. He is only six years old, and has never experienced what it is like to live in a permanent family.  Unfortunately, there is no mechanism to sponsor your grandchild to immigrate, like there is for immediate relatives (your children and your parents). We were trying to figure out what to do to help him when my husband’s cousin called to tell us that our little guy was in the hospital with a bad parasitic infeciton. He nearly died of malnutrition from that infection at the beginning of summer, and our desperation intensified.

adoption from africa
Here I am with our grandson

My Recent Trip to Guinea

I traveled to Guinea in July to see him, and tried to bring him home on a student visa. We had found a school here to accept him, and even got scholarship money for him. But, the immigration officer said due to his orphan status he would be required to get an immigrant visa. He rejected the student visa, which broke my heart so badly. Fortunately though, he gave me the name of an adoption agency in the United States that helps people adopt children from Guinea. They are the only ones who are licensed to work there, and they don’t advertise it. So, this is was valuable information.

So, now we are working on getting our homestudy and dossier done. There is an overwhelming amount of paperwork, but I just try to do some of it each day, knowing that if I am persistant I will accomplish it all eventually. I am keeping everything in a big binder, trying to stay organized.


Adoption T-Shirt Fundraiser

For Our Adoption From Africa

My husband and I are busy trying to raise money for this adoption. As you know, international adoption is not cheap! We don’t happen to have an extra $25,000 or so lying around to fund this undertaking. So, my husband has taken a second job, cleaning the local stadium after ball games, and I have increased my hours on my part-time job. I am so fortunate to have been able to do that!


adoption from africa
Our adoption t-shirt fundraiser


We are also currently doing an adoption t-shirt fundraiser. My husband designed a t-shirt with an African djembe and some cowrie shells, and we listed it for sale on  We will make some money on each shirt we sell, and all of the proceeds will go to pay for our grandson’s adoption. Bonfire was super easy to work with to design our shirt.

I hope you will follow along on our journey of adoption from Africa, while caring for our two teenagers with special needs. Our cozy family is growing!

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